Samsung Galaxy S8+ – These are the official specifications – Are you impressed?


Samsung is not due to launch the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ until after MWC, but legendary leaker @evleaks has revealed what the official specs will be of the new Galaxy S8+.

In case you’re wondering what the S8 will look like, the above photo shows the phone with the LG G6 underneath it.


So what do you think of the specs? Don’t forget the S8+ will also have the fastest and newest processor available too which should enable it to perform some neat tricks.

On paper it all looks bit unexciting but in real life it could be very different. Discuss!

Source – Evleaks


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8+ – These are the official specifications – Are you impressed?

  1. Don’t want it. Don’t like curved screens. Also I want a phone with a home button. So useful for opening camera quickly. Lack of one was the most frustrating thing about my M7.


  2. It’ll be a good upgrade for anyone who is up for contract renewal etc but I can’t see why anyone would spend 100s of pounds to upgrade “just because.” I’ve got an S7 and for the first time in years I’m not remotely interested in any of the new flagships (except iOS, purely because it’s another OS altogether).

    We’re at the same place with phones now as we’ve been with PCs for years! Incremental updates at best!

    Roll on the next big thing!


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