LG G6 – The Dual Camera Setup – Editorial


LG has confirmed that the LG G6 will have a new dual camera setup on the rear.

It will have two 13MP rear sensors, with one a wide-angled camera with a 125 degree field of view  which  similar to that of a human eye. Also with the new rear camera setup the wider images will allow for more fit inside a square ratio Instagram photos. The square camera mode will allow for the screen to split in two ,so you can see what you’ve just shot while you line up your next picture.

LG  also said the phone would come with a 360-degree panorama mode, as well as a food mode that boosts color saturation.

The front-facing camera gets a new ‘SELFI’ shooting mode, which has filters to help you take the perfect selfie and you’ll also be able to combine between 2 and 100 photos together to create an animated GIF.

I have to say the camera hardware seems exciting with less distortion than the LG G5 wide angle setup. It also seems that the new screen resolution of 18:9 is going to be perfect for the Instagram type shots. This really could be the star of MWC but the Huawei P10 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are both capable of stealing its thunder.

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2 thoughts on “LG G6 – The Dual Camera Setup – Editorial

  1. LG should put next/previous (track) buttons orthogonal to volume buttons on those models that have that on the back (not on the side). For example lg v10. Would be a super add-on. It is also completely obvious, so why don’t they? Write about it, I am sure they read your blog!

    Today I am using frinky music to simulate next/previous on the volume button (one click), and then we have volume up ro down as two clicks. Works, but not as good as 4 buttons would.

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  2. I’m also interested to see what the Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom turns out like. The dual camera setup sounds really interesting coupled with a massive battery. Next few months could be really exciting.


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