Flying and buying a drone – stuff retailers don’t tell you and should!

I recently attended a drone session and was left gobsmacked by what I learnt. Despite witnessing what a £4,500 DJI drone can do, which is flipping amazing, I came away from the event completely certain that I would NOT be buying a drone.


For starters, you need to be aware of the Drone Code. If you haven’t seen this then have a look here – .

I then discovered you need the landowners permission to fly a drone. I wanted to capture some drone photography of Dartmoor National Park. However, the DNPA do not grant permission. Maybe a farmer that owned some land might grant me permission but there is no guarantee.

I can fly a drone in my back garden though. But unless you own acres of land, I cannot see the point of flying a drone in your back garden, other than to fly it into a tree.

If you do own a drone, another other aspect is accidents that can occur if a drone hit a person or property. The propellers on the drone can slice skin fairly easily too.

Now I know a lot of people still fly the drones without the correct permissions. I just don’t see the point of spending a lot of money on an item that is quickly being clamped down by codes and ultimately to come will be legislation.

The Drone Code currently states –

1 – Keep the drone in sight at all times
2 – Stay below 400ft
3 – Every time you fly the drone must follow the manufacturers guidelines
4 – Keep the right distance from people and property – 150ft away from people and houses, 500ft away from build up areas and crowds
5 – You are responsible for each flight. Legal liability and responsibility lies with you. Failure to fly responsibly could end up in a criminal prosecution.

If you decide to buy a drone, just make sure you are aware of the facts.

Useful Links

More information on the different types of drones – Click HERE.

The Drone Code Website – Click HERE


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