BlackBerry DTEK60 – Review – A True Powerhouse of a Phone from BlackBerry

Blackberry DTEK60 photos

Welcome to my review of the BlackBerry DTEK60. This is BlackBerry’s new flagship phone with killer specs, audio, security and camera. My thanks to Clove Technology for delivering the phone swiftly.

So does the DTEK60 from BlackBerry cut the mustard? Well, lets take a look at the key specifications and features.

Key Specifications/Features

– Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Full Google services and access to over 1 million applications
– BlackBerry DTEK security – Security that protects the private details of your life from being hacked
– Fingerprint sensor – Physical protection against unwanted access to the phone
– Regular security updates – BlackBerry have committed to delivering Google’s monthly security patches and OS enhancements
– BlackBerry Intelligent Keyboard – Learns and provides word suggestions for up to 3 languages of your choice
– Customisable BlackBerry Convenience Key – Provides quick access to your most used applications and more
– 5.5″ QHD 534 ppi amoled screen – scratch resistant glass and nano coating to avoid fingerprint smudges
– 21 megapixel main camera -f/2.0 6 element lens, 4K Video 30fps
– 8 megapixel front camera – Capture great selfies even in low light with a front facing flash
– Snapdragon 820
– 32GB internal storage – 4gb ram
– MicroSD card slot – up to 2TB
– it has a headphone jack
– 4G LTE –
– 3,000 may battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge
– USB Type C
– Stereo loudspeakers

The Basics

The BlackBerry DTEK60 is probably the phone all BlackBerry users have dreamed of with a powerhouse of top end specs, decent stereo speakers, a superb QHD 534ppi amoled screen, a headphone jack, excellent headphone audio and bluetooth stereo.

The 3,000 mAh battery reached on average 4.5 hours screen on time. Some days, this was less, sometimes a little bit more than 4.5 hours. Standby time was ok. It did seem to lose more than other phones I have tested whilst in standby mode. Call quality was good.

The viewing angles of the screen were good too along with sunlight visibility. The screen adjusts the contrast and brightness making photo taking a breeze.

It also features BlackBerry’s DTEK security suite, keyboard, launcher and productivity apps including the BlackBerry Hub. There is a lot of nice useful bits of software from BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry launcher is fantastic too. It allows custom icon packs which 100s available on the Google Play Store. On the home screen, swiping up on an app opens up the app widget. The launcher also allows for a wide selection of shortcuts. More details on the video review.

Camera and Audio

Blackberry DTEK60

The DTEK50 has stereo speakers that sound superb and go loud. Lovely clarity and good volume. Brilliant for podcasts, gaming, watching YouTube videos and more. Headphone audio via the 3.5mm headphone jack was better than normal. Bluetooth audio was excellent. The phone has MAXX audio which adds to the whole enjoyment and quality. See video for more details.

Blackberry DTEK60 photos

The camera app is superb to use. I personally really like the camera app. The video below goes through all the options so do check that out. The photo quality is good too. The 21mp rear camera and 8mp front camera take lovely photos.

Shot on a Blackberry DTEK60 smartphone. Wonders of Dartmoor

A lovely macro shot.

Shot on a Blackberry DTEK60 smartphone. Wonders of Dartmoor

With poor light and fog. The above photo was superb.

Video Review

Below is the video section. The video helps compliment the written part to provide more detail around the phone construction, camera app, Blackberry apps and sound quality.


The BlackBerry DTEK60 is an excellent phone. It excels in all areas and in today’s cyber crime environment, has BlackBerry’s commitment to providing fast and regular security updates. Recommended.

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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry DTEK60 – Review – A True Powerhouse of a Phone from BlackBerry

  1. Shame I got the ZTE Axon 7. The DTEK60 would have been better balance for business and audio/media. The ZTE, which by the way is available from Amazon in the UK, does not have proper whole disk encryption!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was looking at the ZTE Axon 7 but got put off by ZTE failing to keep their promises on stock availability. I can’t believe it doesn’t have full disk encryption although that should be fixed with the android 7 update when it arrives. Do you like the Axon otherwise though ?


      1. Yes, very snappy and the audio on FLAC 24 bit at 96khz is amazing with wired headphones. Full HD screen also very good. Limited options for cases in Europe. I hope you’re right about Android 7 as I would like to use my Axon for business instead of my OnePlus 3T.


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