Amazon’s First Drone Delivery – Incredible but at what cost to the economy? – Editorial

Amazon Prime Air Private Trial Flying-HIGH RES

Amazon revealed they have made successful deliveries by using a drone to two customers in under 30 mins from placing of the order. See video below.

Impressive for sure. This is a private beta test involving two people but this will expand to more and more people over time.

In terms of how the drones work and deliver the packages, this is a great use of technology. But at what cost does the technology come. Amazon made online shopping a thing. In the process high street shops couldn’t compete and started to close down. This trend is sadly continuing and ruining the communities and high streets. However, the flip side of the online boom are jobs in the warehouses and more delivery drivers being employed. (if you can call these types of jobs equal to the lost jobs)

If drones became more mainstream. delivery drivers will not be required. If Amazon replaces people in their warehouses with robots, the human being will no longer be required. So what will people do for work?

Slowly but surely, technology is replacing the workforce but there will come a point in time when people will not be able to find new jobs due to smart new technology. Then what do we do?


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