Apple’s AirPods went on sale – Is Apple the largest headphone retailer now?


Walk into any Apple Store and you will see an abundance of headphones for sale. You will also notice the huge range of dongles and adapters, making Apple potentially the largest dongle and adapter retailer in the world.

So now it’s Apple’s turn with headphones. After a considerable wait, at noon UK time yesterday, the Apple AirPods went on sale for £159. Not long after the 19th December 2016 delivery date shot up to over 4 weeks a few hours later.

With such a huge iPhone base, if 10% of iPhone users buy the AirPods, that translates into millions of headphone sales. Add to this the Beats range of headphones and other headphones sold by Apple, and suddenly it is easy to see how Apple is potentially the largest headphone retailer in the world.


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