Samsung Note 7 – Preventing the Kill Switch Update from Samsung

It should not come as a surprise that after Samsung issued a software update that restricted the battery to charging to 60% about a month ago, that it is now issuing the final kill switch mandatory update.

This final update will not allow the phone to charge or connect to any cellular network, wifi or use its bluetooth.

However, a brief look at XDA Developers in the Samsung Note 7 forum will reveal a percentage of idiotic users are still using their devices, and have installed software that circumvents Samsung’s mandatory software updates.

What is even more alarming is the process involved to circumvent receiving the updated firmware is a doodle to implement.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would still want to keep this phone? It is banned from all transportation, will never receive any security updates, and is dangerous to use and own. Anybody still keeping their phone is also putting other people at risk.

So if you know anyone who is still using their Note 7 or you are, please return it and switch it off ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Note 7 – Preventing the Kill Switch Update from Samsung

  1. Sadly in 10 years this device will be worth a lot of money, even if dead. It’ll be the rarest high end phone. Can it be dangerous if battery can’t charge? We don’t know and therefore there is a risk. Looks like 10% in Europe remain in the wild. I’m not suggesting anyone should keep the Note 7, but there is a financial logic to why people may not return the phone even though we now know there is a design flaw which is a higher risk as time goes by as the battery may expand.

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