Zecti Camera Tripod – 55 inch Lightweight Aluminium Tripod – My review of this compact & versatile tripod

Zecti Tripod

Zecti is a new small company hoping to make a mark with several of their products, one of which is the Zecti 55 inch Camera Tripod. This is made of lightweight aluminium which retails for a competitive price of £54.99. However, Zecti have offered a £5 discount. See end of post.

I have been using the Zecti tripod for over 2 weeks now and it has impressed me from the moment I unboxed it. For starters, it comes in a protective bag as shown above. The next aspect I have noticed with this tripod is its versatility. It is so much better than my Amazon Basic tripod which is so heavy compared to the Zecti tripod.

Zecti Tripod

The Ball Head

The Ball Head is made of an aluminum alloy material and has a built in bubble level indicator. It works with a 3/8″ screw mount for a tripod and a 1/4″ screw. It has a thread on plate for easy removal of your camera. See photos. The ball head is a 360 degree panoramic head.

Zecti Tripod

The Tripod Options

Zecti Tripod

The tripod comes in a black finish, weighing 1450g. It has a maximum load of 5kg. Its folded length is 350mm. Max Height is 1410mm. It is made from an aluminum alloy.

Zecti Tripod

The inversion of central axis is ideal for macro shooting like insects, flowers, grass and etc.It has a removable quick-release plate, comes with 1/4″ screw, suitable for most of DLSR cameras, a universal ballhead design with 360° dial, allow you to adjust the angle freely and quickly, comes with leg angle adjustment with locking every single leg, has a 4-section column leg, giving a more convenient leg handling, meet your desired shooting height. But just as important it folds to an incredible small compact and light weight design.

In The Box

1 x tripod with ball head
1 x ball head protecting bag
1 x monopod waist pouch
1x hexagonal wrench
1 x user manual
1 x carry bag

In terms of what is included you really can’t ask for anything else. One of the tricks of this tripod is becoming a monopod and really quickly too.

Zecti Tripod

Final Words

I have grown to really enjoy using the Zecti Camera Tripod. It comes in a neat carry bag and its versatility at such a competitive price makes this a win for me. This has replaced my main tripod too.

Useful Links

Don’t forget to use code BWIDJRK3 and link below to get a £8 discount. This will expire soon.

Zecti 55inch Tripod


6 thoughts on “Zecti Camera Tripod – 55 inch Lightweight Aluminium Tripod – My review of this compact & versatile tripod

  1. I have been looking at the Zecti 70 inch tripod and was wondering if based on your experience you would recommend that one. I have little experience with tripods and could really do with some help. I’m looking for a lightweigh tripod for my over 6 foot tall friend and his canonn dslr. Any advice would be appreciated?

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