Four more Chromebooks can now use android apps on Chrome OS Developer Channel

Four more Chromebook can now use Android apps.

Added to the Chromebooks that can use Android apps are –

– Dell Chromebook 13
– HP 13
– Samsung Chromebook 3

The original approved list are –

– Acer R13
– Chromebook Pixel 2015
– Acer Chromebook R11
– Asus Chromebook Flip

Remember this option to support android apps from the Google Play Store is using the developer channel and therefore installs beta software on your Chromebooks which could be buggy.

I have the developer channel installed on my Lenovo N22 Chromebook waiting patiently for android apps to arrive and for the main has been relatively bug free.

In order to get the developer channel, go into Settings, About Chrome OS, More Info, Change Channel and then pick the developer channel. The build should automatically begin to download on the Chromebook.

Source – 9to5 Google


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