The new MacBook Pro – All the best apps with Touch Bar support


To coincide with the first wave of deliveries of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Apple has added a new section in the Mac App Store for apps that support the new Touch Bar.

Apple is highlighting these third-party apps that use the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar and Touch ID power button. This could include integrating application commands, options and functions that were previously in menus, but now are available in a way that is meant to make finding and using the extra functionality easier and with a faster workflow.

The apps highlighted by Apple are –

– Final Cut Pro X
– QuickQuad
– PocketCAS Mathematics Toolkit
– 1Password
– Motion
– Compressor
– dJay Pro
– Day One
– Live Desktop
– Mail Designer Pro 3
– OmniGraffle 7
– Drop – Color Picker
– PicFrame
– Focus – Productivity Timer
– Artistry Photo Pro

Naturally, Apple’s own apps work with the Touch Bar and more third party apps will get updated soon to support the Touch Bar including apps from Adobe eg Adobe Lightroom CC.

Finally, I will be reviewing the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, so if you have any questions that you would like answering for the review, please let me know.


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