Sony MDR-1000x Bluetooth Headphones – 24 Hours Later


In the last 24 hours I have kept the music playing through these headphones for two reasons. One to burn them in and the other to test the battery life of 20 hours.

So far I can say the battery life is matching the claimed 20 hours with noise cancellation switched on. Secondly, I want to burn these headphones in to see what difference it makes to the sound. I will keep music flowing through these for another 7 days before deciding on final thoughts regarding the sound quality. I will then update my thoughts after a full month to see if anything has changed and to see whether any issues have arisen.

As mentioned yesterday, the sound quality from the start has been excellent. This has improved over the 24 hours of burn in. I will cover more of the audio aspects in my full review but needless to say the MDR-1000x are proving to be well balanced across the audio spectrum, but more importantly want me to listen to more of my music and leave me with many wow moments. Toe tapping away at times too!

I tried out the noise cancellation by sitting next to the loud washing machine and dishwasher. The sounds of both of these machines was 98% removed and with music playing through the headphones it was impossible to hear anything but the music. I have also tried these headphones under the bathroom extractor fan and the fan noise is removed. Due to the excellent noise cancellation, I would not recommend wearing these outside in a busy street or when crossing a road.

What I want to see if whether after a full week’s worth of burning these headphones in, whether these are the first pair of headphones that can IMO take the mantra as better or equal to their non wireless counterparts. Stay tuned for more!

More information and the latest pricing on the Sony MDR-1000x CLICK HERE


3 thoughts on “Sony MDR-1000x Bluetooth Headphones – 24 Hours Later

  1. Gavin, I’ve just received my 1000x M2. I am awaiting the Sony NW ZX300 on 6th October to test the LDAC codec. I have also purchased a MQA version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.


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