Confessions of a Dongle Collector – My Apple Lightning Adapter Collection


I have a confession. I have a rather large collection of dongles, all Apple lightning adapters.

I took the photo the other day but didn’t include multiple versions of a dongle. For example I have 4 3.5mm to headphone lightning adapter.

So let’s have a closer look at each adapter and its price. Working from the top to bottom of the photo.

– Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter – This is the new camera adapter from Apple which now includes the ability to charge at the same time and supports USB 3 – £39

– Lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter – I have 4 of these for my iPhone 7 Plus – £36

– Lightning to USB Camera adapter – the original one, which costs £29. I have 2 of these. £58.

– Lightning Digital AV adapter – HDMI and a charging slot- £49

– Lightning to VGA adapter – VGA and a charging slot – £49

– Lightning to 30 pin adapter – 0.2m – £39

In addition to the ones shown, I have somewhere amongst all my cables the lightning to 30 pin adapter £29 and lightning to micro SD adapter £19.

So in total, if I was to re-purchase all the adapters again it would cost me £279. I think I am in the wrong business. I need to be selling dongles!


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