The Best Photos of the Weekend using the Apple iPhone 7 Plus – Shot across Dartmoor National Park

Over the weekend, I went out with my Apple iPhone Plus photographing various places across Dartmoor National Park.

No filters were used for any of the shots below To view the original photo, just click on it. The only apps used were the default camera app and Adobe Lightroom mobile (for editing and snapping raw photos).

Before I set off on my huge walk, I tucked into a lightweight meal.

Large Breakfast - Cafe on the Green Widecombe on the Moor #dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

The above breakfast is from the Cafe on the Green, Widecombe on the Moor.

Saddle Tor , Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

You can park near to Saddle Tor. Well its an uphill walk from the car park all the way to the top of Saddle Tor. From the photo above you can see Saddle Tor and Haytor in the distance.

View from the top of Saddle Tor #dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Saddle Tor is a huge lump of granite and provides views for miles across Dartmoor.

Haytor as seen from Saddle Tor #dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

From the top of Saddle Tor, you can see Haytor shown above. The telephoto lens was used for this shot.

Panoramic view across Haytor on Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

About 50% of the way walking up to the top of Saddle Tor, I was able to snap this landscape view.

Dartmoor Pony #PortraitMode #iPhone7Plus

A quick flip in to portrait mode to snap this shot of a Dartmoor pony.

A poisonous and hallucinogenic toadstool #fly #agaric #iPhone7Plus

On the outskirts of some woodland area around Haytor, I noticed this toadstool. Highly poisonous and hallucinogenic. Its called a fly agaric. Portrait mode was not used for this photo.

Grazing on Dartmoor #ponies #iPhone7Plus

The only way to take this photo of the ponies was using the telephoto lens. Using the normal wide angle lens, the ponies were just small dots.

Widecombe in the Moor #iPhone7Plus

The above photo is of Widecombe on the Moor. A historic village on Dartmoor baked in history.

Widecombe in the Moor up close #iPhone7Plus

And a quick flip over to the telephoto lens to get closer to the action.

Happy Hounds of Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

And finally one of my three labradors, George, Fury and Tiggy.

Here comes George - backdrop of Dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

Perhaps just one more. This is of George.

Olympic sprinting - Fury & Tiggy #dartmoor #iPhone7Plus

And finally, Fury and Tiggy šŸ™‚


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