Apple releases iOS 10.1, updates the Apple Watch, TV & MAC – Extra info not revealed and some thoughts

Last night in the UK, Apple released iOS 10.1 along with updates to the Apple Watch, Apple TV and the MACs.

I was extremely keen to update to iOS 10.1. The official changelog is as below. Some of the bug fixes had been impacting my iPhone 7 Plus but are all fixed for good.



And for the Apple Watch, watch OS3 fixed the following –


But the update also including extra fixes not listed.

– At the same time as going live with iOS 10.1, Apple Pay got switched on for Japan.

– For UK citizens using the Three UK network, iOS 10.1 was a huge and important update and the new carrier update to Three 26.0 fixed 4G connectivity, other connectivity problems and issues connecting to a Three Home Signal Booster. I am on Three UK and can confirm the change. The specific issues were with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

– Worth noting is everyone can now use the Portrait mode in the camera app, although it is still shown as in Beta. However, it works extremely well.

Updating the Apple Watch

I updated my Apple Watch as soon as my iPhone 7 Plus was on 10.1 by going into the Apple Watch app on my iPhone and manually checking for the update that was around 61mb. Word of warning, it took me about 25 minutes to update


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