Phones Show Chat Podcast – Episode 365

The Phones Show Chat Podcast, episode 365 was recorded on Saturday, featuring hosts Steve Litchfield and Ted Salmon. Thanks to Steve and Ted, I was their guest for this podcast.

In this episode, Steve, Ted and I, discuss at length the Obi Worldphone MV1 which is a dual sim smartphone,

The Obi Worldphone MV1 was co-founded by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley and Robert Brunner, the lead designer from Ammunition, the design house behind Beats By Dre. They have just launched the MV1 smartphone in the UK for £99. For more information and specs on this phone – Click HERE.

We also debated the new Google Pixel, its “price” and “features”. Views on the iPhone 7 Plus 2356gb Jet Black, HP Elite X3 and more were all on the podcast.

To listen to episode 365 – Click HERE or search for the podcast in your podcast app or iTunes.

Thanks to Leon, who mentioned to me over the weekend, that Amazon have launched their amazon basics range of cases for the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. For more information Click HERE.


4 thoughts on “Phones Show Chat Podcast – Episode 365

  1. I agree with Steve (I briefly played with both of the Pixels in a shop), they are overpriced by around £200 each.

    Stereo speakers, water resistance and OIS are a must if Google expects to compete with the iPhone let alone HTC, LG or Samsung.

    I predict they will grab a small niche of users (like HTC or LG) but they’ll lose money forever on them.


  2. I couldn’t edit my previous comment…Gavin, you stated that you could now hold your entire music collection on your 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. Is that in flac, mp3 or aac? I know I can’t tell the difference between flac and 320mp3 using decent headphones.

    You’re an audio buff – are you compromising by using some degree of compression but still with decent ear/headphones as I have to believe you have more than 256GB of music (including high-res)?


    1. Most of my music is mp3 at 320 bit rate. FLAC is great, but the file sizes are huge and not IMO suitable to portability. I never said all 256gb was music, nor did I say it was all used up. I did say that 128gb was not enough. 256gb gives me flexibility. I have tonight about 70gb free 🙂 When you include all the apps, games, documents, other media (incl photos, video and movies), the amount of space disappears fast. All my video editing is done on my iPhone. I also have an Adobe Create Cloud membership and use the photo and video apps. Bit by bit it all adds up.


      1. I see. I have the 128GB iPhone 7 and have around 40GB of music – mostly 320.

        I’m just starting to learn about photography and editing videos, but the phone is a major upgrade from my previous Z3 Compact.


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