Google Pixel & Pixel XL – Reviews & Opinions

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The Google Pixel and Pixel went on sale yesterday in the UK and around the world at select retailers. In the UK you can buy it directly from Google, or via EE or Carphone Warehouse.

As expected, specific large websites released their reviews –

The Guardian – A good start but not quite stellar.

The Verge – Every Android phone has always been a little compromised, and everybody knows it. There’s been a veil of bullshit between you and what Google intended on all of them.

Chip Chick – Myriam Joire wrote a great review noting the positives as – Great build quality, gorgeous screen, excellent camera, top notch performance, pure Google

Arstechnica UK – Bland, pricey but still the best android phone.

Android Central – The Google Pixel and Pixel XL deliver what we’ve always wanted from a Google Android experience: an attractive design, lightning-fast performance and unique Google features you won’t find on any other phone. Meanwhile the Pixel nails the essentials, with good “all-day” battery life, cameras that go toe-to-toe with the high-end competition, and update support unrivaled in the Android space. Though expensive, and lacking water resistance, these are great phones with a long life ahead of them.

The general verdict with most of the reviews is Google’s new Pixel phone is superb. The camera is great and reliable and the hardware feels solid.

The issue of the high price also got raised but then within the price is profit margins, marketing and 3 years of security updates and 2 years worth of OS updates. You also get free backup of your photos and videos in full resolution. If you think about the free photo backup, its not really free as it is built into the price of the phone.

I have read all the reviews linked above and many more. I have also visited tech forums to read up on what real people think of the phone. Most people seem to like their new Pixel phone. I also got to see the phone yesterday first hand and liked what I saw. It definitely felt fast to use and the camera seemed to take quick and accurate photos.

From what I can see too the camera works really well and consistently. Most of this is down to the decent snapdragon 821 processor and Google’s Camera app software. But bear in mind the Nexus 6P now has the new camera app update available in the nougat update/Google Store, and this improves the photos and speed of the Nexus 6P. I also now believe single lens rear cameras are not as important as dual lens rear camera setups. The LG G5, Honor 8 and iPhone 7 Plus have all convinced me the dual lens (one day triple lens) is the future.

But my biggest feeling after trawling the internet and the forums, is anyone buying the phone? And if so who? Normally, forums are buzzing with posts from new users, but the Pixel and Pixel XL threads seem empty in comparison to other phone launches.

Personally, I would not spend £819 on this phone? Would you? Maybe you have got one? What’s your view now?

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4 thoughts on “Google Pixel & Pixel XL – Reviews & Opinions

  1. Personally I wouldn’t buy either at that price. I’ve never understood what’s so great about a ‘pure Google’ phone. I installed the pure Rom which HTC had for my One M7 but went back to Sense. I have a Nexus 7 with pure Google but much prefer the extra features on my Samsung.
    One supposed advantage of Google devices is that you get faster updates. In theory this is great but in practise not much really changes. Each update promises better battery life but I’ve never found that with any Android device I’ve owned.
    These new phones would have to halve in price for me to be interested.


    1. If I had the money to buy a pixel right now, I’d probably just buy and S7 Edge instead and keep the change. Waterproof, wireless charging… there are so many more features to the S7 over the Pixel.

      Does the pixel have any standout features? Assistant maybe? Camera, possibly. The lack of OIS on the camera has me worried. In daylight the Pixel’s EIS looks amazing (though I guess by design it must crop some of the frame), but when the light starts to fade the EIS really, really struggles. It was the same issue with the Sony phones (I had a Z2). Low light stabilised videos were a blurry mess.


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