Pioneer SE-MHR5 Hi-Res Headphones – Review – The Latest Premium Headphone from Pioneer

Pioneer SE MHR5 headphones

Welcome to my review of the Pioneer SE-MHR5 Hi-Res headphones.

As you can see from my photos, the Pioneer SE-MHR5 look really cool. The can be connected in either normal or balanced mode too and come with a carry case/pouch.

Pioneer SE MHR5 headphones

The Key Features

– Fully enclosed dynamic headphones
– Large, 40mm driver
– 45 ohm
– Sensitivity – 102 db
– Weight 240g without cables
– 7 Hz – 50,000 Hz frequency response
– Soft memory foam ear pads and headband ensure comfort during long periods of use
– Comes with two cable options 1) 1.2m cable 3.5mm and 2) 1.2m balanced cable with a 2.5mm super mini plug
– Folds into a compact size for easy storage into the included carry case

Pioneer SE MHR5 headphones

Sound Quality

I spent a considerable amount of time listening to these headphones. I initially connected them to my smartphone and they sounded ok but as soon as I added an external headphone amplifier the SE-MHR5 started to show their colours. Based on my results I would recommend getting a small portable headphone amplifier like the Oppo HA-2. Obviously, using a balanced amplifier improves the performance even more.

Genres. What I did discover with these headphones is their preference to several genres over others. Rock was one area where the headphones could get a bit muddied. But move over to classical or jazz and the music reproduction was beautiful. Full of energy, attack and reasonable sound staging. I loved listening to female singers with these headphones too.


The Pioneer SE-MHR5 are a comfortable to wear headphone that suit classical, jazz, blues, modern and vocal genres really well and have a mesmerising engaging sound especially with classical and jazz. Recommended.

For more information and the latest pricing on Amazon – Click HERE.

Video Review


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