Groov-e Fusion Bluetooth headphones – Go wired or wireless – Ideal for the new iPhone

groov-e fusion headphones

Welcome to my review of the Groov-e Fusion headphones.

The Key features –

– 40mm drivers.
– Super Bass sound
– Impedance 32 ohm
– Frequency 20Hz-20Khz
– Sensitivity 98dB+/-3dB
– Microphone Sensitivity -58dB
– Connect via Bluetooth or via the included removable 3.5mm audio cable.
– Built in microphone so you can receive calls on the go
– 10-12 hours of audio playback
– Swivel soft ear cups offer ease of adjusting headphones. They fold too, making it convenient for travelling.
– Colours – black, gold, silver

The Design

The groov-e fusion headphones are the new headphones from groov-e. With the soon to be released new iPhone which will not have a 3.5mm headphone jack, bluetooth headphones are going to explode in popularity. groov-e believes they have the solution with their new fusion headphones, which will of course work with any phone, device or computer that either has bluetooth audio or a 3.5mm headphone jack. The headphones are made from a lightweight plastic, with swivel folding cups. The cups have soft pads too. The headphones allow for basic controls from play/pause, answer/end call, reject call, skip/rewind tracks, last number dialled and volume up/down.

The Sound Quality

At an official retail price of £34.99 you are not going to get audiophile grade of headphones. What you do get is a fun sound, with the emphasis on bass. Consequently the mids and treble are somewhat recessed at times. I am not aware that these headphones include APT-X codec either. Despite the recessed mids and treble, I did enjoy listening to my music with the headphones especially the sub bass effects when present in the tracks and I can imagine the average consumer would enjoy listening to these too.

I have included a video review of the groov-e fusion headphones below.


The groov-e provide a fun sound, with added sub bass when listening to music. For call quality they offer average call quality. They are not audiophile grade headphones, hence why they cost a modest £34.99.

The official retail price is £34.99 although Amazon currently have the headphones on offer at under £30 in various colours.

For the latest pricing on Amazon UK – Click HERE.


4 thoughts on “Groov-e Fusion Bluetooth headphones – Go wired or wireless – Ideal for the new iPhone

  1. Is anyone focused on meeting the needs of Lightning and USB-C port headphone connections rapidly approaching us.


    1. Yes there will be plenty of options coming out soon. Audeze and Philips already sell lightning headphones. However, it is already possible to take audio out via the lightning or USB C adapters. eg Oppo HA-2 will work with both. Review –

      Plus there will be arriving soon adapters that will be built into the headphone controls within the cable or headphones themselves. It is a big issue TBH.


  2. Gavin, comparing these with the August EP636 and EP650, which would you say might be best for both blocking external sounds and for comfort, bearing in mind I would intend to use them for listening to podcasts while propped up in bed (and might fall asleep with them on!). I might also use them for music and I notice some say that the EP650 has far too much bass. Anyway, given the above scenario, what would you suggest I go for?


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