Choetech 10,400 mAh Portable QC3 Power Bank with Lightning Port – review

Choetech Portable Power bank

Welcome to my review of the Choetech Quick Charge 3 Portable Power Bank complete with iOS lightning port as well.

The Key Features –

– Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Output and backward compatible with Quick Charge 2 and 1.
– Built in LG high-quality battery cells. LG cells much more reliable and higher efficiency than major battery cells in the market to fully use the capacity of 10400mAh.
– Multiple intelligent security protections (over current, over voltage, overload and short circuit protection).
– With a Quick Charge 2 charger you can recharge the power bank at Quick Charge 2 speeds.
– Use either a micro USB or lightning cable to recharge the power bank.

A power bank is a power bank. Not very exciting but functional. I have replaced my old Aukey power bank with this new Choetech power bank as it offers quick charge 3 speeds and the ability to recharge it via a lightning or micro USB cable. A neat feature is the ability to recharge the power bank itself at quick charge 2 speeds. You will need an QC2 charger to do this.

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To view the entire Choetech range of products – Click HERE.

In a meantime, enjoy the video review of the Choetech Power Bank.


4 thoughts on “Choetech 10,400 mAh Portable QC3 Power Bank with Lightning Port – review

  1. When you showed us the bottom I noticed that both inputs are rated for 5V, 2.4A only. So it’s not possible to QC this power bank. Not higher than qc1 speeds anyway. Without a meter i guess this would accept 8W. Qc2 & 3 will be 12W. 50% faster.

    What I find flawed with this present range is the inclusion of 12V on the output. You charge anything at 12V and your bank will be flat little past 2000mah. Pointless.

    Imagine if the input instead could accept 12V, now your charging power rises to little over 20W

    How long will it take to charge from flat? 2.5h instead of 7-8h odd which is the best it can manage now.

    Unfortunately, have yet to find a single company that allows charging as fast with 10000mah power packs. Only seen with bigger 20k and above. If Samsung and +3 can accept 15W to charge a battery a third as big why not power banks..

    As for whether the s7 or +3 accept fast charge, it would be good to see a photo of them hooked up with a USB meter indicating charging voltages and current and a photo showing what their stock charger can deliver. This will be direct, unambiguous proof whether QC indeed works or not with these phones.

    Indicating fast charging on the screen isn’t reliable nor is timing the charge. Software hmmph, not as good as the old fashioned way

    With its stock charger , the s6/s7 can charge from 0-95% in 60 minutes and then takes a further 30 to reach 100.

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    1. I will pass your comments on to Choetech. I was told by them it recharged at QC2 speeds with a compatible charger. I have a QC2 charger and it recharged faster than a non QC2 charger. Cheers Gavin.


  2. Specs I am learning are not as authoritative as they could be. Consider this tronsmart charger.

    To me that reads it will only accept a nexus type c charger along with a c to c cable to charge at 5V, 3A. That it can QC devices but cannot accept QC itself.

    Shows it accepts Qc3 to charge. Who knew. Not until somebody hooked it up.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed similar ‘out of spec’ behaviour from other vendors. Wish they would be more upfront.

    It’s also capable of fast charging the s7 at the stock rate of 14.8W…

    No QC on the s7 but it’s like it was hooked up to the stock charger.

    Why does it work? Don’t know. But it does and this is proof of it.


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