A curved Galaxy Note 7 gets leaked again in photos

“A curved Galaxy Note 7 gets leaked again in photos”.

“The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is clearly just around the corner. The last few weeks have flooded the feed with news and rumours with a new leak shown above of the phone.”

The Samsung Note 7 is likely to cost a bomb at launch. Will you be prepared to pay such a premium, when you can have cheaper phones like the OnePlus 3?

More at Pocketnow


4 thoughts on “A curved Galaxy Note 7 gets leaked again in photos

  1. Yes willing to pay a premium for the Blue or Silver. Rumoured improved S Pen, faster processor and removable storage. Seriously, the OnePlus and Note 7 are aimed at different customer groups. I will have both for a while I susyepct. However, I believe the OnePlus does have the X Factor and therefore should do well.


    1. What really stands out with the Note vs other smart phones is the S-Pen. The One plus 3 in my opinion is best suited to be put against the S7 or S7 edge.


  2. The Note family is the best part of Android. After … these phones are so big … after there are all the best functions … The S PEN is fantastic but we could have an IPAD Air + Apple PENCIL for less …


    1. Wow, I always thought based on Apple’s marketing that in order to use the Pencil, one needed to mate it with an iPAD pro. This is good info to know 🙂


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