Staying Fit & Healthy on iOS & Android – Editorial


Apple uses the Health app to integrate other services and act as a hub. This makes sense to me. The Apple Watch acts as a fitness device and feeds basic information back into the Health app.

Google are trailing behind with their equivalent, Google Fit. But again, it is to serve the same purpose as Apple. Since Google where trailing behind, Samsung has powered ahead with its offering, S Health. It has come an awful long way in the last 4 months.

Samsung also sell a range of watches and fitness trackers.These are good devices.

Pictured above is the Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Probably one of the ultimate fitness devices on the market place, capable of so much and then some. Garmin also sell wireless scales. Garmin also sell a large range of activity devices and some of the best in class. There are many other brands too.

Other companies like FitBit also sell trackers and scales. In fact the market place is flooding with options but not everything plays nicely with each other. FitBit does not integrate with Apple Health app directly.

Why? The Health market and the data it will harness is worth millions. So before you decide what fitness or tracker you would like, ask yourself a few questions –

– What do you need it to do?
– What devices have your friends got, so if you need the social aspects, you all use the same brand
– What apps and services do you need the device to integrate into
– Apart from a fitness devices, do you need any other medical or fitness hardware / services. If so check which work with what.

So what devices are you using and why?


1 thought on “Staying Fit & Healthy on iOS & Android – Editorial

  1. I just got myself a Xiaomi MiBand 2 after reading tons of good reviews for both Band 1 and 2. It’s really nice to wear and the integration works…with some edges and corners to be taken. MyFitnessPal does not work with it, but with Google Fit. Google Fit works well with the Xiaomi MyFit App, which naturally works with the Band 2. So – I need to have several apps working together. It works – but it does take it’s toll on the battery, to be honest.


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