Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth Headphones – Redefining Bass – First Impressions 

Nothing in life will prepare you for the Sony MDR-XB950BT headphones. Nothing!

The Sony headphones arrived about 3 days ago and I have been putting them through the paces in both Bluetooth and wired mode. 

Some basic specs – 

– Bluetooth with NFC

– 20 hours battery life

– Bass Boost button

– Foldable cups 

– Sensitivty 102 db/mW

– 40mm dynamic driver 

– Frequency range 3 – 28,000 hz with headphones cable, 20 -20,000 hz Bluetooth mode

The very first thing I wanted to do when I received these headphones was pair them to my Samsung Galaxy S7 and listen to the bass these headphones are meant to be able to produce. I think I swore when I first heard them. I then thought the bass boost button was left on, so I pressed it, and OMFG. The bass and sub bass was so extreme my teeth felt like they could rattle. I’ll be honest I don’t use the bass boost button as these headphones produce plenty without it. I do however press it and listen for a few minutes just to bring a smile to my face a few times a day.

Now you can also connect these via the supplied audio cable. Bluetooth turns off. So does the use of the bass boost button. But in wired mode these operate at a gut drawing level of 3 – 28,000 hz. They also sound better too in wired mode. And there is still epic levels of bass. 

Now the cons. I have listened to every genre. Some tracks collapse with the bass levels and sound wrong. But the majority are fine. In fact, in some cases having the extra bass or I should say sub bass adds a whole fun listening level. Some jazz and classical tracks really worked well with these. Some just got swamped with too much bass as the mids got lost. For example Michael Buble, Feeling Good has lots of depth and didn’t get ruined by the extra bass. With dance , rap or electronic music these are like being at a rave or club, and even better if you switch on the bass boost button!

These headphones aren’t for everyone, but I love them. They go against all the rules I believe in, but they add swagger to a lot of my music across many genres that for the times the bass becomes overpowering, I just skip to the next track or lower the bass in the equaliser settings. These are my first impressions, and I will evaluate these for a longer period and report back accordingly.

The question to ask yourself, are you brave enough to own a pair 🙂 

Available from Amazon UK – Click HERE.


9 thoughts on “Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth Headphones – Redefining Bass – First Impressions 

  1. Heh, when I saw those cushions underneath I figured this would be a monster.

    Like that there is a wired option as well. Thought most of these cans were an either or proposition.

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  2. Interesting that the USA Amazon site claims these headphones have APTX ? But UK Sony site does not mention APTX in the specification.


    1. Same experience as described. Obviously using the HiFiMeDIY Sabre DAC is using the Sony headphones with the cable connection. I also used Tidal with the S7 and an external DAC with these headphones. Just remember the bass is more prominent in every track nearly. Not all.


  3. Aptx on the USA Sony web site


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