MIUI 8 still plagued by ads!

“Xiaomi’s MIUI is one of the most popular and liked ROMs outside of stock android. A new version, MIUI 8, was announced in May, with a stable version pushing out to devices in August.

The major complaint with respect to the OS is the presence of ads baked into the system. Testers of MIUI 8 have complained that the new version still has ads in most of the default system applications such as the file explorer. While the advertising isn’t bad, it’s annoying when an advert pops up when doing serious work. Although, you can just manually close the ads, there is no place within the system where you can turn off ads completely.”

This now explains all the Chinese notifications I was getting with the Xiaomi Mi Max. Totally unacceptable to have ads appearing everyday and probably explains why Xiaomi can sell it for a lower price, as the cost is subsidised with adverts!

More at GizmoChina


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