Samsung Galaxy S7 – Camera Shots of the Week

Below are a few photos taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7 which are truly exceptional.

The shots below are macro shots of a bee. For both shots I used the Pro mode, altered the focus to macro and shutter speed too.

All Eyes #macro #samsungS7 #promode #bee #eyes

With this shot above, I really love the “eyes” and facial features captured.

Feeding Time #macro #SamsungS7 #ProMode #Bee

This shot of the bee looks so cute and cuddly, but I don’t recommend trying to give it a cuddle.

Good Bye Everyone #foggy #peasoup #Dartmoor #doom #weather #extremes #lost #vanishingpoint #nationalpark

Finally, a weather shot. This was around 5pm. Driving on Dartmoor was a challenge through this!


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