OnePlus 3 – Shots from the Camera


I took the OnePlus 3 out on Saturday to test the camera. Its been very good in my testing so far. That includes the front selfie camera and rear camera too.

Unfortunately, the weather yesterday was terrible, so I still have more testing to carry out on the camera, but I like what I see.

Below are a number of shots. Do have a look at them. To view full screen, just click on each photo.

And don’t forget to check out my earlier posts on the OnePlus 3 from the weekend, covering the battery stats and performance.


Taken indoors in slightly dim lighting. Cropped too. In auto mode in dim lighting when the dogs moved the shots were blurred.

Church of St Michael & All Angels #Princetown #OnePlus3

A fantastic shot from the OnePlus 3.

Church Graveyard #OnePlus3

Zooming in on the grave stone text and its all clear.

Macro #OnePlus3

The macro shot here is good too. Focus on the centre.

Cyclist Photo bombs #OnePlus3

The cyclist was travelling downhill at 30mph as was meant to be in this photo.

Church of St Michael & All Angels #OnePlus3

And finally the church without the cyclist.

I also tested the front camera and the results were great too.


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