OnePlus 3 – First Impressions – Updated with camera sample


The OnePlus 3 was meant to have arrived yesterday but the Royal Mail didn’t deliver it due to sickness. Or more likely not enough staff due to the football.

Anyway I collected it from my local sorting office this morning, opened the box , turned it on had a little play and immediately I am impressed by what I have seen. 

It’s currently downloading a firmware update and I have many tests to undertake.

Here’s a first shot (literally) of Tiggy. Cropped in but no other editing.


This and several other items are being reviewed next week so if you have any questions you would like me to answer please let me know.

For now if you are shopping on Amazon UK, you can help Gavin’s Gadgets are no extra cost to yourself by heading over using the link below. Thanks in advance.

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11 thoughts on “OnePlus 3 – First Impressions – Updated with camera sample

  1. Photos looks good. We will know more when you put it through the moors.

    There is one thing I would like you to try. Install battery monitor widget from the play store and post a screen shot of the op3 charging going from say 10% to full.

    Want to see how much current the stock charger dumps into this thing as battery charges. And how long it takes to charge. The app will conveniently log both parameters if you go to the history section

    One plus apparently do 5V, 4A. Usb std since it keeps to 5V. It’s the 4A bit I would like to know about. The 6P goes to 3A. One plus is trying to go one better.

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  2. I Do Hope Tiggy wasn’t to Disappointed with Royal Mail’s day of Soccer 🙂
    Keep up the Great Work Gavin (and Tiggy)


  3. So what’s the audio quality via wired Bluetooth compared to HTC 10/LG G5? Secondly certain apps failed to work on its predecessors such as Amazon prime music and running software from Zen labs on the 2 can these run on the one plus 3?


    1. Hi Tony. I’ll be covering the audio aspects in my review which will be live Tues or Wed at the latest. I’ll test Amazon. Any particular Zen Lab app? Not used any of their apps before. Did the app actually launch or was it background updating that wasn’t working ?


      1. Hi Gavin, thanks I’ll be tuning in come wednesday looking forward to your thoughts. I think neither of the Zen Labs C25K and C210K running apps worked on my One Plus2 so it was sent back. It looks to start but then crashes after the loading screen. Amazon Prime didn’t work on the One either if i remember rightly due to some certificate error. I think there was another program that didn’t work on the +2 but i can’t remember at the mo.

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      2. Just to let you know, I tried streaming Amazon Prime Music. No problems arose. I installed C25K, app opened and I started a workout. I did not use C25K any further, but it seems ok.


  4. Thanks for testing those apps Gavin looking forward to seeing the full review I can’t remember the other app it could have been Facebook or a banking app but an update may have resolved it


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