Samsung Galaxy S7 – Official Protective Lens Cover – UPDATED


Finally, the official Samsung Protective Lens Cover has arrived for my S7. It is also available for the S7 Edge. The lenses come in protective barrel looking cases. The barrel looking case unscrews too. Really makes for a neat way to transport the lenses safely.

First impressions are excellent. Good quality feel in the hand and some quick snaps do reveal positive signs of image quality. With the lenses attached the flash is blocked. Also the case blocks NFC.

More information and my review will follow soon plus a comparison versus the LG G5 wide angle lens. Photos will be included.

This could decide which phone I keep out of the S7 or LG G5.

More information click HERE.

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 – Official Protective Lens Cover – UPDATED

      1. Two lenses.

        – One wide at 110° fov vs 135°fov on the g5. Looking at your recent shots on flickr. Take this one

        Along the Two Moors Way, Warren House Inn #SamsungS7 #LensCover
        If one examines at the pixel level, The first 20% and the last 20% are soft. If you crop them out then you’ve lost 40% of your 110% fov. If you don’t crop them out you have a wider view with not much distortion.

        You will have more and sharper with the g5 wide angle. Korguenkomodo posted a video where he got a wide angle attachment on the g4 and it could not compete with the g5.

        – The telephoto. Says it has 2x zoom. So now your 26mm equivalent becomes a 52mm but still retains the f1.7 aperture. 52mm is not telephoto, more like a standard focal length. I would really like if this was integrated into the device and not an add on.

        But you can get closer to the action. Your shots will also look more like you saw them at that focal length. Better portraits. Checking some examples of the telephoto, only the first ten and last ten percent are soft. This one in a way equalises the difference in megapixels, could even get more detail than the g5.



  1. wow, look forward to acutal images taken using this accessory. And would be interesting to see how the wide angle adapter on s7 performs compared to the G5, ultra wide camera.


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