LG G5 with HiFi Plus DAC case


The LG G5 comes with a few modules that when fitted mean you can’t use a case. 

Fortunately an eBay seller from Korea is now selling one which arrived today.

I am going to have to make one modification to the case with my drill and that is to enlarge the headphone cutout hole marginally. The hole fits several headphones except some of mine. It’s an easy tweak to do just an oversight in the design.

Anyway here’s the link to the eBay seller.

eBay link

So what else does the case offer. Well for starters it is a typical silicone TPU case. The front of the case offers between 1-2mm of a lip so you can place the phone screen side on a table. The rear of the case has cutouts for the fingerprint sensor and camera. The top edge has cutouts for the mic, IR blaster and headphone port. The volume keys on the left side are covered, but has raised plastic keys so you can operate these with ease. The sim/micro SD tray is completely covered by the case. On the bottom edge, there are cutouts for the DAC loudspeaker, mic, USB Type C port and the DAC headphone port. As mentioned above, you might find yourself needing to make the headphone holes slightly larger. If you remove the silicone case it will bend as its a clear rubber TPU silicone material. Fitted to the case its rather good.


6 thoughts on “LG G5 with HiFi Plus DAC case

  1. Gavin, I was hoping this would be a review on the case itself. Is it durable? Does it do a good job protecting the phone?


      1. Thanks! You should consider investing more in your YouTube channel (like doing the reviews as videos), it would attract many views.


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