Android Apps are coming to Chrome OS – Editorial

On the second day of Google I/O, Google announced that the entire Google Play Store would be present and Chrome OS and Chromebooks. All the apps and games would run on Chromebooks.

Yesterday I said the following – “ultimately Google is moving towards a vision where the Google Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality control your life.”

I also mentioned “Android Instant Apps – this allows Google load and run specific parts of Android apps on devices without downloading and installing the whole app first. Apps are made in modules by developers for this to happen.”

Now merge both of these together and the Chromebook becomes a super fast, super powerful and on demand computer. If you have used a Chromebook already, you will already know it is super fast, nimble and can already manage 95% of all day to day tasks.

Provide a platform to use apps on demand and via the cloud as you need each part, and its a match made in heaven. Now this is likely 12-24 months away, but the Google Play store will arrive on Chromebooks by later this year.

I do wonder if Google have just pulled off a masterstroke against Microsoft and their cloud and Apple. Personally I would like everyone to succeed as well as someone like Amazon. As they say, competition is healthy.


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