Huawei P9 – More Camera Shots from the Weekend

I was a little surprised at how slow the shutter speed was in burst mode. I need to have another look at the camera setting options as I am sure the burst speed can go faster.

Anyway, I have snapped a few more shots. As usual click on any of the photos to view the full size / original version.

All the shots below are in auto or monochrome mode.

Secret Entrance - shot using the monochrome lens on #HuaweiP9

The monochrome shot of the secret church entrance is fantastic.

And now in colour. Also really good quality shot. The contrast is very well balanced.

Secret entrance #HuaweiP9

Tavistock Viaduct in monochrome mode. Blow this shot up full size and more and the quality is cracking good!

Tavistock Viaduct - shot using the monochrome lens on #HuaweiP9

What happens to walking shoes after about 1,000 miles. In monochrome mode again.

After walking 1,000 miles - using the monochrome lens on #HuaweiP9

And now in colour.

After walking 1,000 miles #HuaweiP9

The definition and quality is incredible. I am impressed with these photos. All auto.


1 thought on “Huawei P9 – More Camera Shots from the Weekend

  1. very impressive indeed. Would be nice to see how the camera performs at higher ISOs in both monochrome and color. High ISO performance is a good test of a phone cameras image processor.

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