LG G5 – Highlights from the Weekend

Tomorrow will see my review on the next 2 LG Friends, the LG 360 Cam and LG 360 VR. In the meantime, in an out of the fog I managed to snap several shots.

Below are my favourite –

The fog never cleared until 4pm yesterday. The shot below is using the wide angle lens.

The Haunted Church of St Michael & All Angels #Princetown #Dartmoor #lgg5wide

Haunted Land #lgg5

George having a blast in the foggy conditions on Dartmoor #lgg5

And then another day, and totally different weather.

Anyone for an ice cream #Dartmoor tonight

The ice cream van shot is a wide lens and cropped. Plenty of detail from that lens.

Merrivale, Dartmoor - still looking amazing tonight

The young cat snapped really well. A small crop.

Black & White Cat #lgg5

Last shot. This was snapped using one of the filters in the LG Camera app. Normally I would apply a filter afterwards, but for this shot I tried something different.

Dream Trees

I really liked the result of the above shot. Moody.


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