Moving to USB Type C – The Pitfalls and Solution

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge nearly all the other phones and devices are now moving to USB Type C.

I was initially dreading the problem of needing to charge a device and not having a USB Type C cable on tap. Then there was all the hot steam about compatibility.

Actually, there really isn’t an issue as the solution is quite simple. This is what I have done personally. Each item listed is a direct link to the store that I purchased the cable from.

Olixar Multi Pack of USB Type C cables – I bought this 4 pack of USB Type C cables from Clove Technology. This is a superb pack. 1 x 2 metres cable. 2 x 1 metres and 1 x 10cm cable. This covers all the spares Type C cables needed with varying lengths. These are all approved again.

Anker Quick Charge 3 Wall Charger – as most devices now have Quick Charge 3 I wanted a spare wall charger that was backward compatible. Anker came to the rescue.

Anker USB Type C with 56 ohm resistor – if you just want a single cable, Anker have a low cost option which again as above with all the others is the approved option with a 56 ohm resistor.

Ravpower USB Type C Adapter / OTG – and finally I needed an adapter that would also work as a OTG cable. This works a treat.

So there you have it. I have a wide selection of USB Type C cables and never a problem with not being able to charge my accessory or phone. All the above items are cables I have personally bought!

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