LG G5 – How to get 10 hours screen on time? Battery Re-Charging Timings?

So I have now had the retail version of the LG G5 for 4 days.

During this period I have wondered how the 2,800mAh battery will perform versus the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The S7 Edge has a larger battery at 3,600mAh along with an amoled screen versus the LCD of the LG G5. The S7 Edge can reach 6 hours screen on time with ease. This normally starts happening after 3 days from installing all your apps. During this time the phone learns which apps to optimise.

So over 3 days have now lapsed on the LG G5. So how do you get 10 hours screen on time? Answer with 2 batteries 🙂

That’s cheating of course, but actually it isn’t because the G5 does feature a removable and user swappable battery. But that does mean you can reach 5 hours screen on time with relative ease, providing you do one or two things. The most important improvement in battery life is made by switching off the always on display. Personally I like this feature but it uses 1% of battery per hour, so over 24 hours that is 24%, and that is nearly one quarter of your battery. In my book that is too much. The next step is to head over to the settings app, select battery, battery usage and then look at which apps haven’t being optimised in the list that you can pull up.

Mid way through the day yesterday, I turned off the always on display and the difference was fantastic. I went from expecting just over 4 hours screen on time to actually reaching 5 hours screen on time.

So what about recharging times. I wanted to test my current Quick Charge 2 portable battery pack.( I haven’t got a QC 3 pack yet which should be faster than QC2). So how fast was the recharge. From 5% to 60% took 20 minutes. 25 mins longer and the battery had reached 80%. The last 20% took another 30 mins to charge to full. So in total Quick Charge 2 took 1 hours 15 mins.

I will test Quick Charge 3 later this week using the official charger and an Anker QC3 device.


4 thoughts on “LG G5 – How to get 10 hours screen on time? Battery Re-Charging Timings?

  1. Ahah, you have the G5 and i would have the official QC3 charger in the box in 2 may, if i get a pink version …. i’m go to asylum.

    I must find the official blog and article from LG about optimisation of battery life but in my memory there is this apk in the article : Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru


    I have also the cradle dock, i review it later. Do you use the smartoption ? as setting at home or other to reduce the energy power ? or do you use plane option at night ? it’s interesting


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