LG G5 – Metal Unibody or Plastic or Something Else?


YouTuber “JerryRigEverything” decided to carry out a bend, burn and scratch test on the new LG G5. You can view the video below.

Following the scratch test he picked up that the body of the LG G5 was not metal but plastic. This story then got picked up by many other sites and spread wildly. And yet it was not true. Don’t forget these websites and YouTube bloggers make money from web traffic. Nothing wrong in that. So if they can report a story with a slant on it that gains more traffic it is always beneficial to them.

So following all the outrage, LG responded. So for the record the G5 is manufactured from patent pending aluminium LM201b, that was developed at the Korea Institute of Technology for use in the automobile and aircraft industries. The LM201b aluminium is special as unlike aluminium used in other smartphones, LM201b die cast unibody makes it sturdier and lighter. LG added that they then figured a way to integrate seamlessly the antenna bands into the aluminium and then applied a primer and paint using a process called microdizing. This means tiny particles of metal are fused into the aluminium. So what actually was being scratched off in these videos was the primer and paint. All cars get painted too.

So perhaps LG needed to add some fake weight to the phone to give the impression it is sturdier! Sometimes, a lighter phone doesn’t feel as premium when in fact it might be just the same or even better than the other phones on sale.

So what’s your verdict now you know the true facts ?

Source – Ken Hong, LG

5 thoughts on “LG G5 – Metal Unibody or Plastic or Something Else?

  1. Couldn’t give a **** about all the terminology. What it feels like in the hand is what’s important. Some might like the feel and weight but some might think it feels plastic. Painting a finish makes me concerned about flaking also. 🙂

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    1. Yeah I’m more worried about the Finnish coming off. Understand all the practical reasons and can’t think of an alternative way they could have his the antenna bands. But the moment your keys get it it is going to look bad. That’s the sticking point I feel


  2. Good stuff Gavin.

    People were up in arms about leather backs fraying at the corners. A year later the leather still remains frayed at the corners, hasn’t peeled off or in any other way got damaged. The colour has changed as leather will.

    It always amazes me how people will judge a phone based on how ‘solid’ it feels. This is what one expects from some one who knows nothing about phones is given a few to hold and says this one is better because it feels more ‘solid’. A brick in that case will always be better.

    A lighter phone means you can hold it up longer. Easier to manouever.


    1. Its not purely about weight though – its the ‘feel’ – to my hand this thing just feels ‘cheap’. Just my opinion but I want my £500+ purchase to feel like it was worth it :p


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