LG G5 – My First Impressions


Across the internet there are many “reviews” already being penned based on pre production hardware. However, if you want to gain a glimmer of an idea what the LG G5 is like, then pop into any mobile phone store where you should be lucky enough to find a demo LG G5 on display.

Today, I wanted to share my initial first impressions which obviously could change over the next few weeks and months. I had my S7 Edge with me as a comparison too. Photos were taken on both phones and I already have an idea as to the pros and cons of each phones camera. But there is always more to a phone than its camera.

My personal phone is coming from Clove Technology who have a good deal on the LG G5 which includes free B&O H3 headphones worth Β£149.

So moving on to my first impressions based on using the titan (grey) finish LG G5.


The hardware comes across as a fairly typical smartphone. I liked the look of the 2 rear cameras section which were flusher than I expected. The G5 felt comfortable to hold and grippy enough that I might skip a case. The modular slot section. This felt tough at first to remove, but once I gotthe hang of it, it wasn’t too difficult. I had been asked by a few people whether there was a gap or line where the bottom bit comes off. No there wasn’t , but it I ran my finger over the back, I could feel the seam.

Thank goodness LG kept the infra red blaster on the G5. This is fantastic and a useful feature for me.

Software UI

When I turned on the LG G5, it felt fairly sparse. LG seem to have tamed down the software although you still get the brighter coloured UI. Personally, this has never bothered me. There are other launchers should this not be to your liking.

The Camera

Lots of new modes and options available. These will get covered in more depth in my main review. However, unless the final software changes, I noticed there were no manual controls for video. This is disappointing since the LG V10 had excellent manual controls available for video. That’s the downside, the plus side is the camera quality. Based on very early findings the picture quality is excellent. Even in low light. Burst speed is on par with the iPhone 6S Plus burst mode. The 2 cameras. Having a 16mp normal lens and a 135 degree wide angle lens is extremely superb and opens up a world of options. More in my main review but I honestly thought it would be a bit of a gimmick, but actually it seems useful and fun.

The photo quality of the G5 on the shots taken looked fantastic. They were better than those I took with the S7. However, as to which is better is going to be a fascinating comparison for a dedicated post.


Early days but the LG G5 really is an interesting phone – add on modules and friends, superb camera and more. I can’t wait to test more of its features over time. As to how it compares against the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Huawei P9, well only time will tell.


23 thoughts on “LG G5 – My First Impressions

  1. Your initial findings on camera quality are interesting. Most comparison reviews of G5 vs S7 around the net so far have played down G5’s capabilities (main camera) in terms of sharpness.

    Looking forward to your final review.

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    1. AndroidPolice kill the quality of the camera. I don’t read any good review about “the camera party”, i know and like the articles of Gavin, i waiting also (but LG G5 is in preorder – 18 avril in France ……… 😦 )


      1. In your review, i hope indoor tips or advice, PhoneArena kill indoor photo and don’t speak about low light camera.


  2. Just see the photo comparisons of g5 vs g4 that gsmarena did at MWC to get an idea of stills. Can see the g5 gets details in the distance better and vegetation looks less artificial. As to video and stabilisation, that remains to be seen.

    Can see image quality being slightly better than the s7. But what about catching dogs leaping in the air. Moment shots and the like. G4 did that well.

    Selfie camera I don’t know. Both good.

    As to modules, what perplexes me is whether this will be continued with the g6 or not. I’m asking for the impossible. To see the g6 to assess the g5.

    If we leave the modules out, it looks like a nice phone. Certainly different.

    Though after seeing Phil’s unboxing those modules don’t look too bad.


      1. Exposure is just perfect there, background and foreground.

        But there are three I could suggest.

        Catch Me if You Can - George & Fury sprinting on Dartmoor #SamsungS7Edge

        The Long Jump - George & Tiggy at Windy Post,  Dartmoor

        Triangular Ears #Tiggy on #Dartmoor


      1. Yep you can how they’ve improved on details in the crops.. And this comes with making vegetation look less artificial. Less eager to use “night shot” in low light.

        You also appreciate that wider lens. Really helps to add context. I get the impression two lens is here to stay. They will design it so it is less obvious next time.

        As for giant leap, hmm. An iterative one with a nod sideways perhaps.


      2. G5 camera is an improvement and the wide angled lens is more interesting to use than you realise. Had a lot of fun with it a few nights ago. Tried a few shots as a comparison with the G4, Lumia 950, S7 Edge and iPhone SE. These were all inside a restaurant in dim lighting. In order of ranking G5 came first, then G4, Lumia 950, S7 Edge and last was iPhone SE. But being honest, all were good enough by a reasonable margin. In real life after posting shot on social media, nobody will care.


      3. It’s maybe interesting to see if the Yellow balance in night is here, as in the article. After, i think it’s not problem with snapseed or other.


  3. Ah yes, maybe that’s why Samsung has pushed the sharpness up a bit to compensate for the 4MP shortfall which in reality will be 7MP since so many choose 16:9.

    I think LG are using a better lens on the g5 main camera compared to g4.

    The wide angle can’t be replicated in panorama, not the vertical. It’s the equivalent of taking 6 shots and stitching them in two rows by three columns. There will be less distortion this way but it’s more work.


  4. Had a play with one of these locally yesterday – wasn’t in an environment to test the camera but still 100% sure I won’t be getting one. Just didn’t feel a premium device to me at all and compared to my S7 Edge, just felt cheap in the hand. I know it is a bit cheaper anyway but just don’t see me using this as a daily.

    Based on reviews also, I really don’t think I could go back to the sort of battery life reported, even with the option to swap out the battery.

    Its good that LG took a different direction but feel it needs a bit more work if they are brave enough to stick with the ideas?


  5. I just didn’t like the ‘feel’ of the material Gavin – to me it felt cheap 😦 Sounds like its some sort of ‘painted’ aluminium which some are saying is already peeling in places.

    5 – 6 hours sounds ok but its almost half what you got from the S7E – using a crude calculation that could only equate to approx 3 hours SOT for my usage which just would feel like jumping back a year or two in Android performance.

    100% sure the S7E is the phone I’ll stick with, maybe adding an iPhone 7 to keep it company later in the year :p


      1. It’s just not for me. If I drop over Β£500 on a phone I want it to feel like a premium device not like a Nexus 5x that is Β£200+ cheaper. Just not a fan of the UK either which I’ve mentioned before. 5-6 hours SOT in isolation is good but compared to your S7E results, it’s worse. Just my opinion but the overall package just isn’t that appealing to me. I’m also dubious about that module connector. Based on the overall build I wouldn’t be surprised at a large number of failures from that connector in the future.

        Anyway it’s just my view as we can all make our own decisions but this one isn’t for me despite me really wanting to test the camera out :p


      2. I like and unlike the Galaxy S7. I like the amoled but unlike it with it’s oversatured colours. I like the power of S7 but i don’t play games in the smartphones. I don’t like the capacitive button on the body since they don’t use it as indicator as the Galaxy S1 and also the fingerprints on the body. I don’t like the removable battery for some reasons (travel, girve the smartphone to family in the future, sell it or other).

        I like the LG G5 for the neutral position in some aspect.

        I like also : http://www.techinsider.io/lg-g5-has-incredible-zoom-camera-2016-4

        I like the modules (particulary the possibilities of the modules in the future)

        In all the cases, LG and Samsung have good products πŸ™‚

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      3. 5-6h sot on the g5 is really good. That too with a smaller battery. Something special going on with 6.0.1.

        Meaning the g4 should last as long but I’m finding only a few that can make it to 6h.

        Am with you on the module connector. If there is a problem it’s a cheap replacement. Best part is this also replaces the charging port. Not so easy to replace that on other devices, g4 included.

        Your results with the s7e are 6h30 avg. Maybe we should wait until you get the g5 but if it turns out to be 5-6h sot then two replaceable batteries are still going to trounce a sealed one πŸ™‚


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