Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Shots from the Camera

Below are a selection of photos taken with the S7 Edge Camera over the last couple of days.

Yesterday was a very wet day, and all 3 dogs got a good soaking including myself.

The Girls – Fury and Tiggy

Close Up - Action Girls Fury & Tiggy playing on a waterlogged Dartmoor

Action Girls - Fury & Tiggy splashing around on a waterlogged Dartmoor

George Sprinting

George having fun on a waterlogged Dartmoor

What a Difference A Few Days Makes

George runs out of a mud bog at North Hessary Mast, Dartmoor

Fury & Tiggy at Rundlestone Tor , Dartmoor

My favourite shot non dog shot taken 5 days ago at Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor

Panoramic inside Foggintor Quarry #Dartmoor

6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Shots from the Camera

      1. Not directly associated but again with the quarry shot:- Imagine iPhone 6s Plus and NightCap Pro with Star Trials activated.
        Would have been nice to see the results of Star Trails in both the sky and water reflection.

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