Is the LG G5 flawed? – Editorial

I took this photo below yesterday on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is a panoramic shot inside Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor.

Panoramic inside Foggintor Quarry #Dartmoor

This got me thinking about the LG G5 camera setup with one normal 16mp lens and the other a 8mp wide angled lens.

(I will have the LG G5 to compare with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge very shortly, and I will have initially the LG Cam and LG HiFi DAC modules to review.)

Quite simply why bother with the wide angled lens. Firstly it’s only 8mp and secondly its f stop is f/2.4 so photos will appear darker. If you flip over to the panoramic mode you can create a high resolution wide view shot without much effort.

The LG V10 and LG G4 took fantastic panoramic shots so this really makes me wonder if the second 8mp a flaw in the design and a waste of time?

Personally, I am in two minds and will reserve judgment until I have had time to test the setup accordingly. My thoughts at the moment are that a wide angled lens takes away the fiddling or sweeping the phone slowly across the screen and level while taking a panoramic and then waiting for the number of photos to be stitched. With a fixed lens you will see before you take the shot what you have captured and might produce some more dramatic looking results. Another bonus is the ability to not have to step back to capture everything in the frame. Sometimes you can’t step back.

Stay tuned for some more coverage.

6 thoughts on “Is the LG G5 flawed? – Editorial

  1. I think that it’s a nice option, ok the quality could be not spectacular, but to share it on the net or insert wide photo in professional document, it’s nice ūüôā

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  2. Anxiously looking forward to you comparison between the two monsters. From the initial G5 samples I could see LG is still pushing with it’s strong NR while the objects edges appear somehow “starry” in pictures.


  3. I guess when you’re comparing a wide angle lens with a panoramic shot you’d have to consider any movement in the photo. Panorama would be useless taking pics on a city street for example. In this case, wide angle does the job better.

    That said, I’m not too hopeful that the G5’s dual setup is anything more than a gimmick. If I had two lenses, one with better quality and one with wide angle, I’m gonna choose the better quality 99.9% of the time.

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    1. Quality for you but not for the majority of the users who use Facebook or other. Also, i like the quality but after loosing 15 dayz of travel with the death of my hard drive… i don’t want the quality in all the cases.

      In many reviews of the LG G5, the wide-angle appear not as a gimmick. It could be very useful and it’s interresting, after even for the reviewers, they don’t know when or not, there is so many possibilities. In this case, LG G5 is also interresting with the breaking of the “normal” camera-life experience.


  4. Exactly pics in a city street. In closed space maybe at a corner trying to capture what your eyes saw.

    A panorama would work but onnphones it’s just single row so angle of view is wide in the horizontal but not vertical.

    For specialised scenes. One click. No multi row stitch required.


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