Atlas Cables – The new Atlas Cable Zeno review- Upgrade in Style


Atlas Cables are researched and designed in Scotland. Not only that, they are actually assembled by hand in Scotland. The new Zeno cable is assembled using ohno continuous cast copper conductors which are covered in fluorinated ethylene propylene low temperature deposition dielectric to protect the integrity of the ohno continuous copper material. This is then wrapped inside a protective soft PVC inner liner and finished with a tangle-free fabric outer jacket. Metik non-solder crimp plugs promises to provide signal consistency from socket to socket. If you look at the photos you can see how substantial the cable looks. 

Atlas Cables Zeno range is the new “high-performance” replacement headphone cable.  For my review, I decided to replace the standard headphone cable of the Oppo PM-3 headphones with Atlas Zeno. The cable comes in various lengths and different options are offered for the end terminations depending on what type of headphone connector you use for your specific headphones eg.  2.5mm, 3.5mm, 6.3mm and 4-pin XLR mini. I have a 3m length cable which costs £175. You can also get brand specific teminations eg  Sennheiser, OPPO, Sure, AKG, Audeze, AudioQuest, HiFiMan, Ultrasone and many more. 

Sound Quality

So the Atlas Zeno cable looks the business but does it sound the business?

Answer, yes it does. The difference is not night and day different and it also depends on the quality of the music file and amplification being used. I initially used my iPhone 6S Plus and Oppo HA-2. Then I tried several other amps/DAC combos as well as other phones including the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the Oppo HA-2. 

My findings using it in a portable setup – the Atlas Zeno improved the sound stage and smoothed out the treble. Instruments became clearer. As I moved to FLAC recordings the before and after became more noticeable. A sort of veil lifted from the music. Moving to some dedicated audio equipment, and the Atlas Zeno became right at home. As a cable, it’s fairly bulky to be used on the move outdoors, but otherwise it’s ideal. At £175 for the 3m length this may seem expensive. However, if you are going to upgrade the loudspeaker cable there is no point doing it in half measures. 


I beautifully built customisable cable which ensures you get the best possible sound delivery from your source to headphones. Recommended. 

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