Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge – How to change the DPI without root in less than 5 mins

Sometimes little tricks are hidden in plain sight.  This neat trick, courtesy of XDA Developers is superb as it changes the DPI of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge from 640 to 540 without any rooting or complex scripts.

What’s more once this has been completed it stays this way even through software updates and soft resets.

So this is the easy way without any complex code, rooting or using ADB –

– Download Nova Launcher, you do not have to set it as a default, just launch it to access the home screen.
– Go to the Widget Selection window by long pressing on the homescreen and selecting Widgets.
– Choose the “Activities” widget by holding it down and dropping it on a homescreen.
– After the list populates scroll down to “Settings” and then choose .DisplayScalingActivity (it should be the 4th one). It will create a new icon on your desktop.
– Select the icon to open the menu and make your selection from standard or condensed
– Reboot on the confirmation window and go back to your normal launcher after the reboot.

And that is it.

Source – XDA Developers


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