Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera – Testing the dual pixel focus system at 70mph

Samsung claim the dual pixel focus system is super fast. In my tests this is certainly the case. So how does it do at 70mph. 

The below shots are shot behind a windscreen too. 

The new multi million pedestrian and cyclist bridge built over the M5 that cost far too much money and a bridge that isn’t used that often. 

The road sign is in relative focus. So a few shots at very high speed that seem to work well. I did take several more of the same sections and they all were similar in focus. 

The final shot was a typical sunny day. This is where the 12mp shows its weakness. A 16mp sensor from the Note 5 or similar would reveal more detail when cropped. 


Just as an update in case you missed the fix from yesterday, but predominately my S7 Edge camera was failed yesterday and wouldn’t take any photos until I discovered the solution. If you get this error message it should be because you have Smart Stay optioned enabled. This can be found in the main settings app, under Display, Smart Stay. Toggle this off for the time being until Samsung releases a fix for the conflict. If you turned Smart Stay off, and are still getting problems can you please get in touch.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera – Testing the dual pixel focus system at 70mph

  1. Without a comparison 16mp shot, would say that 12mp is looking mighty fine at the pixel level.

    Do you find much loss with 16:9 crop down to 9MP compared to the 12MP 4:3 ?


  2. Good was thinking the same. It’s just a crop of an already detailed shot.

    People would say the iPhone 6’s 8mp was letting it down compared to the s6 16mp. But it was more to do with apple holding back on sharpening than megapixels.


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