Warning if you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Camera Fails – updated with fix

Above is my tweet from a few minutes ago. I got this problem when I first powered up the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The only cure was a hard reset.

I had thought the problem was my 200gb Sandisk Micro SD card. So I reformatted the card in the S7 Edge, and the camera failed after again after the hard reset. So I then decided to use a smaller 64gb Sandisk micro SD card and all seemed ok. Then a day later I used swapped my 64gb for the 200gb card, and it worked.

Since having these problems I have contacted Samsung who are “very” aware of this problem and have had loads of people with the same problem. They have asked me to return the phone for exchange. Reports on the internet vary from it being software related but more worrying that if you had the camera failed message it is possible the camera sensor hardware has been damaged.

My take was this must be software related, so I did not return the phone for an exchange. But now it seems I am left with no other route to go. The camera just failed this morning for no apparent reason.

Samsung really need to get their act together and release either a software fix or inform people to get exchanges.

This issue is not an isolated issue to myself!

Update – turning off smart stay in the main settings app. This can be found in the display menu options, smart stay.  Next soft reset phone and this seems to fix the problem. I don’t know if this will work forever but it has worked for me and others. 


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