Apple iPhone 6S and Siri – My Favourite and Most Useful Commands for Siri

Today, I thought I would share one of my favourite voice commands that I use all the time with Siri. If you have the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus you can have “Hey Siri” set to be always on (listening) for your voice. This is my preferred choice.

Your hands are wet as you’ve just had a shower. So say “Hey Siri”, then ask Siri, what time is it. Siri will respond dutifully with the time.

Next you’re cooking and need to set a timer. Just say “Hey Siri”, “Set timer 10 mins” or once “Timer 10 mins”.

But my all time favourite which I use a lot when in the car driving is “Hey Siri” , “Notifications” . I use to have to say “Any notifications”, but now Siri understands me to say just “Notifications”. After this command, Siri will read off all the notifications from all your different apps that you have showing in the notification centre, plus the short line of text revealed by each notification.

So these are my top 3, what are yours?


5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6S and Siri – My Favourite and Most Useful Commands for Siri

  1. My first two are both car related.
    1. In the car listening to some music and there’s no digital ident on who is singing what you are listening to. Just ask Siri:-
    “What is the music playing”?
    Siri reports back she is listening then uses Shazam to identify the song.

    2. In the car traveling somewhere and there’s a change of plan and you need directions. Rather than sort it out with the cars SatNav system you simply ask Siri:-
    “How do I get to Jim’s house”?
    Siri will then load the directions.

    3. My all time favourite ~ I’m working on a particular note in the Notes App or a web page in Safari and I want to be reminded to come back to it later. Again just ask Siri:-
    Hey Siri Remind me of this”.
    Siri will then save whatever you were looking at and make a reminder in your Reminder folder.

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  2. I’m on Android, and I like the sound of the notifications command, but I don’t think there is an equivalent, which is a pity

    What I do have at the moment is an app called Voice Notify which will read aloud any incoming notifications (you can set it to do this only when bluetooth or headphones connected). Anything which means I don’t have to take my hands out of pockets on a cold winter walk is a good thing!

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