Samsung Galaxy S7 – First Camera Samples

Below are a selection of camera shots from the Samsung Galaxy S7. 

Notice they are all 4:3 aspect ratio at the full 12mp. 

Also notice that all these shots are in low light or at night. 

All these shots are using the f/1.7. I have to say I’m not bowled over by these shots but this is early firmware and the photos were not snapped by me. 

For more samples have over to XDA Developers. So what do you think?

For some more comparisons versus the S6, have a look at the video below from 7 mins onwards.

Source – XDA Developers

5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S7 – First Camera Samples

  1. I wish they did not use spot metering for ALL these shots 😦

    Yeah it’s going to look brighter but not as clean. Not as nice as they could be image quality wise.

    More samples required.


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