Hold Fire – Some important news on the new flagships – S7, G5, Mi 5 and more

Tomorrow is the day Samsung and LG go head to head and announce details of their new flagship phones.

At this stage it seems a lot of information has been leaked about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge as well as the LG G5. These leaks are more than likely deliberate releases of information by Samsung and LG to garner interest in their new phones.

But whatever you do, hold fire!

Samsung is going to get their flagship phone to market first, along with the ability to pre order the S7 tomorrow with delivery around 11th March. The LG G5 will arrive around early April. Both of these phones will be special but there is a chance there is something else worth waiting for from other Chinese manufacturers.

For example, you may want to see what Xiaomi offers with its Xiaomi Mi 5. ZTE is gearing up to announce a new phone tomorrow as well. And there are other Chinese companies with a few surprises in store. HTC’s One M10 will actually have a rear camera with larger pixels than the Galaxy S7.

So my advice, if your current phone is working just fine, hold fire to see what the full options are and then decide.

I will be obtaining the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 as a minimum to review and can’t wait to see how the blend of hardware and software combine to create the overall user experience.

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8 thoughts on “Hold Fire – Some important news on the new flagships – S7, G5, Mi 5 and more

  1. I think the faster onboard memory, power friendly cpu, fantastic screens, and larger battery make the Samsung devices appealing….but they’ll be expensive in the early days.


    1. And I think than all the models are good with scandalous prices :). The LG G5 could be “not” better but with his modules (battery pack, grip and more), it could me more attractive for all the public categories. After, we saw than the S7 we be the monster of Android and it’s the case since Many Year…. After, i’m not a good customer, i don’t have the money for a new smartphone each year, i have many hope in the LG G5 but my dream it’s LG G5 or variant with Stylus …. Maybe a day …. I think, i bough a tablet with windows 10 and stylus for work and a good smartphone for other task. Maybe i must waiting the Surface phone … but already the problem of prices.


      1. And Ideally a Sex Toy option ? Miss could be happy 🙂 Oups, sorry for this comment, but if LG want to sell more models, all option are nice.


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