Privacy – Is it acceptable for somebody to take your photo without consent?

The BBC had an article about Bill Murray who became enraged with people taking photos of him. His solution, lob them off the rooftop and let them smash to pieces some moments later. Not the people, their smartphones 🙂

Now Bill Murray is a hollywood star, so surely he should be expected to have his photo snapped when out and about? His phone rage anger occurred when the phone flashes were apparently going off in his eyes too much.

But this problem goes deeper. Nowadays even a rubbish cheap phone has a camera that can take a reasonable photo. Nobody is safe from being caught on camera.

So does it make it acceptable for anyone to catch you on camera, even if innocently? I am in two minds on this. Whilst Bill Murray took action to the extreme and do understand why he did it and perhaps it was the only workable solution at the time. Now you could say that is the price of fame, but is it? Surely, acting is just a job?

So what do you think is correct and where should the boundaries be drawn?

2 thoughts on “Privacy – Is it acceptable for somebody to take your photo without consent?

  1. The only thing that matters is what the law allows or prohibits.

    In some countries there is no expectation of privacy in a public place. So click away.

    In some countries you can click anything so long as nobody objects.

    It’s a grey area.

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