Twitter looks to alienate users with its new features – solution revealed within

Via the BBC News

Twitter is making two major changes to the way its users’ timelines appear. The app will show a selection of prioritised tweets, based on what it thinks users are “most likely to care about”, ahead of the normal list of posts shown in reverse chronological order. And a new First View feature will let marketers place a video ad high up in the feeds. The announcements came ahead of the company’s latest financial results. They are designed to make users more engaged with the platform and appeal to advertisers.

WTF is Twitter thinking. I despise the FaceBook videos in my timeline, but having video ads at the start when I open the app will be a disaster. Then change the order of tweets based on what twitter believes you will prefer is also a no no in my book. The solution is simple. Install a third party twitter app. I use Tweetbot on iOS and Tweetings on android. Tweetbot 4 is the best Twitter app ever made IMO.


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