How to setup Nissan Connect and Nissan You+ correctly 

Nissan has a real fudge of a way to setup in car services but after speaking to an engineer this is the correct method. 

First download Nissan You+ from the Apple App Store.

Next download Nissan Connect from the App Store

If you’re using an android phone just download the equivalent apps from the Google Play store. 

Next register on You+. You can use the app to setup an account. Do not do this using wifi. 

Then go to a computer. Not an iPad or tablet. Go to Nissan’s website. Top right. Nissan Owners. Sign in to You+. Then activate the connect services. You will see the option to activate. 

To continue the subscription and activation process wait an hour. 

Again not using wifi and whilst in your  Nissan with the radio switched on, log into You+ on you and phone,  if you’re not already. 

Next open the Nissan Connect app and log in using the same details used with your You+ account. 

The NissanConnect App on your Smartphone will give allow you access to in-vehicle applications. To access the in-vehicle apps:

 – Make sure your App is open and signed-in, before pairing your smartphone to the vehicle either via Bluetooth® (Android) or USB (iOS).

 – Select your vehicle and click Ok.

 –  Press [Info] button on NissanConnect.

 –  Press My Apps button.

With iOS you have to use the lightning cable connection. When you connect the cable into your iPhone and the other end into the USB socket under the arm rest the car screen will say USB connection. It will configure itself. 

Your iPhone will ask you to ignore or accept Nissan Connect. Tap accept. 

And now you have all the apps. If you want Twitter and Facebook, from the Nissan Connect app on your phone, sign in to the services as required. 

Far too complex a method but this is the way to setup Nissan Connect. 

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