Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a 12mp rear camera a wise move? – Editorial

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, new smartphone leaks are everywhere. By now it should come as no surprise that the next Galaxy, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a lower resolution camera, dropping from 16mp to 12mp.

Samsung should be featuring their new “britecell” technology in this new 12mp sensor but I do have some initial concerns. Dropping the mega pixels down to 12mp with a f/1.7 may be a good thing if the pixels are larger and therefore let more light through. The trade off will potentially be with the extra pixel resolution when snapping an outdoor shot in good sunlight. Will you lose the ability to crop tighter into a photo?

Currently, I am testing the LG V10 which has a great 16mp rear camera. This produces high resolution photos that can be cropped and not lose too much information. At 12mp this option might diminish.

What Samsung is trading off is the ability to have a 12mp rear camera that will take stunning photos in low light as well as good lighting. In addition photos will be easier to process/share if the file sizes are smaller due to the rear camera just being 12mp and not 16mp.

So what matters more to you? 16mp or 12mp?


5 thoughts on “Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a 12mp rear camera a wise move? – Editorial

  1. Size of the photo is not a problem when we have the money and an access to upload the photos.

    I’m not an expert but this new camera could be more interresting in the front of the phone for the selfies, after as you say a time Gavin, if we want a good camera, buy a camera^^.

    Samsung become the Apple son with this strategy, why not but Samsung is not Apple particulary in the update of the phones. After all, Samsung, Apple, LG or other what’s the real difference ? LG produce screens for the industry, Samsung the storage and more …

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  2. Sounds a bit stupid even for Samsung. Mainly I’m interested in the consequences for the Note 6 later this year. Unless that has a Micro SD slot, Sammy should focus on fridges and ships.

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  3. I don’t care so much about megapixels count, as long as the photos capture maximum detail in bright and low light. So 12Mpx is fine. Even 10Mpx is ok. Maybe even 8Mpx, but that is on the low side 🙂


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