Fake TV – A Smart Security Gadget – Review

FakeTV with Response logo_window

I had heard a lot about the Fake TV so decided to try one myself. It is manufactured by Response Electronics. With the Fake TV it appears as if you are at home watching TV and therefore fools burglars to think somebody is at home. 

Key Features 

– Visual deterrent to intruders/burglars: giving the appearance that someone is at home watching TV

– Realistic TV programme simulation: completely unpredictable, no light or colour pattern repeats

– Simulates scene changes, light fades, light flickering, on-screen motion & colour changes

– Eco friendly – uses less power than a night light

– The built in computer controls its super bright multi-colour LED light output – equivalent to a typical 27″ TV

– Light sensor automatically triggers FakeTV at dusk

– Two settings: Dusk+4 hours and Dusk+7 hours

– Automatically turns on when dark outside (0.5 lux)

– Automatic shut-off at the switch selectable time

– Mains powered – 240V AC Adapter included

This £25 gadget is so simple and brilliant to use, I just wished I had invented it myself. All you have to do was plug it in a room, in a way that it can’t be seen from the outside. You could for example close your curtains so there is just a peep of activity visible from outside. If plugging it in upstairs, it probably is not as important to shield it from people outside as they are unlikely to be that tall to see thru an upper floor window from the outside. Once in position, just turn it on. 

For my tests, I plugged it into a front bedroom located upstairs. It came on automatically at dusk. I then stepped outside to view the scene appearing from the upstairs window. It absolutely looked like someone was watching TV. I watched the view from outside for a good 30 mins. A few hours later, I went outside again and was just as amazed as I was originally. In fact, it looked like adverts were running at one point too. Size wise the Fake TV is the size of your hand. It projects a strong mix of light across your room with ease. It also only uses the same amount of energy as a night light. 

The Fake TV is a simple idea but a good security device to act as a deterrent against burglars. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and this is one of them. 

Fake TV on Argos UK – Click Here

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