Amazon Germany – Ordering from abroad – The Highs and Lows and How To

Amazon have an online store front for many countries. One of those is for Germany,

Sometimes it can be cheaper to order goods from Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Germany or Amazon Germany than ordering via Amazon UK.

So how easy is it to order from abroad? As easy as using the Chrome Web browser which can auto translates web pages on the fly to English. Next you need to convert the euro prices quoted to UK pounds and then decide if the extra time it takes for delivery and the potential extra inconvenience should the product need returning be worth the hassle and few quid saved. Of course, ordering from abroad can be more expensive.

So what if something goes wrong and you need to contact Amazon support? Well if you can’t speak the language you could try using Amazon’s online chat facility and have Google translate open in another tab and copy and paste text accordingly. The problem with this, as good as Google Translate is, it doesn’t always make sense. So Amazon recommend using email. Contacting Amazon support via email means you can write in English and they will respond in English.

Well I had a recent experience whereby I needed to contact Amazon Germany support. I tried the online chat using Google Translate and it didn’t quite work so I sent an email in English, explaining that I had tried to use the online chat, but it didn’t quite answer my problem because my German wasn’t good enough. I then explained the issue at heart. I was expecting an email back, but to my surprise, an hour later Amazon Germany phoned me and I spoke to a support representative who was extremely helpful and spoke amazing English. Now this wasn’t a one off either as I had to send another email in English and got a call within an hour and from the same person as before.  That was  followed up by a real polite email in English. I’ve copied that beginning and end of the last email below.

Dear Gavin, 

Thank you for the lovely conversation and for your shown understanding. It is much appreciated. 

I have submitted a request to the carrier UPS to try to locate your item. 

If by any case, the carrier doesn’t respond or you still don’t receive the item by 23rd of January, I will immediately contact you to confirm a process of a replacement order for you. 

[text redacted]

I’d like to apologize once again for any inconveniences you may have had and hope I was helpful. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Have a great day, Gavin!”

One last point. There have been times where I have ordered from one of Amazon’s European stores, and miraculously the item arrived the next day. One has to wonder if the item really did get posted from abroad ?


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